End of a busy January

Christmas and New Year seem a long time ago as folk back from their break need work done. This has included

  • Regular monthly and bi-monthly typesetting and printing jobs
  • Customising / Addressing several thousand envelopes ready for mailing
  • Organising and supervising an ECCONOMY  ‘Business Mail’ mailing using Royal Mails 1400 sortation  to attract the maximum discount
  • Providing Administration and Book-keeping including ‘End of Year’ work
  • and many more “COULD YOU JUSTs …..”

Always plenty of variety here.  May be we could help you or your church / charity.

Please use the CONTACT US form if you would like to know more.



As the NEW YEAR starts planning is a key factor.  We have both routine admin and regular publications to do for our existing clients and to make sure these happen on time is very important to us.

We also what to explore the new opportunities – watch this space!

Christmas Cards

3000+ Christmas Cards
We have printed well over 3000 Christmas Cards containing details of the services for churches.

This has proved to be a very effective way of communicating with the community and we have been doing this for over 20 years!